I was a team leader, and have led a variety of teams with a variety of goals and challenges. At one stage, I was completely overwhelmed, and was trying to understand what I could do differently with the team, to engage them more. I came to understand the value of workshopping goals, ideas, strategies or team alignment. Following a number of workshops, I realized how important the workshop process was for not only my team, but for the business in general. I realized that a great workshop, with a great facilitator, can change every aspect of your team or business performance!!! Workshop facilitation – Winner!

As a case study, over the last year or two, I have worked with major project teams to align the contractor with the owner’s team, to develop the vision and the relationship boundaries for the projects! We have done 15 plus workshops, and the results have been amazing! And, they are great fun!

What I really wish someone had told me earlier, without me having to find out for myself, included:

  • Workshops are an extremely powerful process to engage key people in key decisions
  • Workshops take some effort, but the return on investment is significant
  • Great facilitation is the key to great workshops
  • A great facilitator will achieve the workshop goal, and so much more
  • There is a defined strategy for running workshops – once learnt, it is like riding a bike

The strategy for running great workshops includes:

  1. What is the purpose of the workshop
  2. What is the process to be used during the workshop
  3. Who are the people that need to come to the workshop
  4. How do you perform facilitation of the workshop
  5. How do you polish the workshop by doing a great close out




What you can expect after running a great workshop includes:

  1. Real and observed team engagement and commitment to sharing ideas and opinions
  2. Increased and improved communication between the attendees
  3. The generation of goals, ideas or solutions to problems


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