Until your team members are aware of their own role and work preferences, and are equally aware of what drives their team members, it will be difficult to achieve a totally committed, focused and engaged team!

Put simply, building and engaging a team is about teaching every team member about themselves, and about every other team member, so they know how to work and interact together, and it is about getting the whole team singing from the same hymn book!

To bust any team building myths that you might have heard:

  1. Engaged teams are a reality, and can be for your business
  2. Team building is not a complex process
  3. By following some simple steps, your team results can change very quickly, very dramatically
  4. You have the ability to even further engage and focus your team
  5. When is now the right time to start building your team

As a team builder, Anton utilizes the TMS process!




“Team Management Systems (TMS) is internationally recognized as the specialist in teamwork, offering a Suite of work-based feedback Profiles to improve business results.

Combining our world-class profiling tools with an online, personalised development centre, the TMS Solutions provide a framework to empower individuals, teams and leaders to recognise and leverage their strengths in the workplace, and develop a roadmap for lasting change.”

What you can expect after implementing a team building process:

  1. A team that understands how to better work and interact with each other
  2. A team that is aware of the work and role preference of each team member
  3. A team that is committed to supporting each other


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