Most of us are driven to succeed and we will do whatever it takes to hit every deadline and every sales target, even if it is at the expense of our team’s happiness or our own wellbeing.

We must stop this behaviour and take a step back to understand that without a plan, without clear direction and without a way to monitor that plan, it is difficult to get the balance that we need both at work and in life! 

Like you, I have been through stages in my life where I dreamed about:

  • Getting my work load under control
  • Developing an even better relationship with my work team
  • Having the most amazing relationship with my life partner
  • Getting in physical shape and looking like I am 21 again – yes, it is possible!!!
  • Setting goals, following through and hitting them with passion and purpose, every time

Being the most productive you is about achieving Peak Performance.

As a productivity coach Anton utilizes the Peak Performance process that focuses on:

  1. Understanding your value set, and what is really important to you
  2. Setting holistic goals for the eight elements of your work and your life
  3. Making real change to the way that you function and perform, based on clear direction
  4. Recording progress and celebrating success … regularly
  5. Taking your life to the next level




What you can expect after implementing a Peak Performance process:

  1. A real understanding of your value set and what drives you to achieve
  2. What your goals are for the year
  3. How you can go about achieving your goals and tracking your peak performance


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