Most of us are busy running around, meeting, delivering and making it happen! We never really stop and consider how well we are leading others. We can sometimes forget that the most important part of our jobs is the leadership of those around, above and under us.

We need to stop and think about our behaviour, to ensure that we are being not only strong business people, but also strong leaders. That we are focused on the not only our success, but the success of those around us, and of our teams!

As a young leader, I used to have a range of fears, and questions:

  • Do I have enough experience to lead this team?
  • Am I smart enough to lead this team?
  • Will the team support me?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if someone doesn’t like me?
  • What if I have to implement unpopular changes?
  • What if the team doesn’t trust me?

Being a great leader is about understanding what drives you and what inspires and motivates others.

As a leadership trainer and coach Anton will work with you on:

  1. Creating rapport with your team
  2. Creating your vision and mission
  3. Creating empowerment and engagement within your team
  4. Creating a motivated team
  5. Creating change-readiness and flexibility within your team

What you can expect after running implementing leadership training and/or coaching includes:

  1. More confident and self-aware leaders
  2. More confident and self-aware teams
  3. More commitment and productivity from both the leader, and those that they lead


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