So, what is it?

“Employee Engagement”: Is the process of getting employees involved in the business in a way that helps them go from just being ‘happy’ to being committed, driven, goal focused, productive and innovative.

“Employee Engagement”: Is the commitment from leaders to ensure that all employees are empowered to make key business decisions, to drive change and to become the competitive advantage that will result in real business growth!

“Employee Engagement”: Is the outcome demonstrated through a culture and paradigm shift, where real and noticeable change is evident in employees, who take ownership, solve problems and focus on the future.

But, when do I do it?

  • When employee morale is low
  • To set the strategic direction, goals or objectives for the business
  • To introduce change process, including structure change or policy change
  • To get employee commitment for new products or campaigns
  • To help employees adapt to changing circumstances or market conditions

Is it really that important?

Employees that are engaged are more innovative
Employees that are engaged are more focused
Employees that are engaged are more committed to each other
Employees that are engaged are more productive
Employees that are engaged are better for your business

So, how do I do it?

  1. Measure of the current state of employee engagement (surveys or workshops)
  2. Develop the strategy that will drive the engagement process (through consultation)
  3. Implement the strategy in a collaborative way to create a culture of peak performance (engagement)
  4. Measure the success of the strategy, including any required training programs (real change)
  5. Modify the strategy (if and as required)


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