We can help you develop your employee engagement strategy!

We will:

  • Design and deliver an effective Employee Engagement program (including surveying or workshopping)
  • Develop a communication strategy that improves alignment with business objectives
  • Increase innovation and collaboration amongst your team and with your clients
  • Create a culture of peak performance
  • Design and deliver targeted employee development or training initiatives

It is not just about consulting, though:

It is about understanding your business, and understanding your employees. It is about:

  • Working with you to determine the right approach for your business
  • The employee value proposition
  • High performing teams
  • Manager and leader development
  • The right people in the right roles

We want to build a relationship with you and your teams, to ensure that you see tangible benefits from this process.

Engaging your employees will involve:

  1. Measurement of the current state of employee engagement (surveys or workshops)
  2. Development of a strategy that will drive the engagement process (through consultation)
  3. Implementation of the strategy in a collaborative way to create a culture of peak performance (engagement)
  4. Measurement of the success of the strategy, including any required training programs (real change)
  5. Modification of the strategy (if and as required)


Our team includes:

Pete Jensen
Senior Consultant

An international consultant, facilitator, author and coach, Pete has a burning passion to help business leaders create organisations that are great places to work in, where employees feel psychologically safe, fit and productive.

Dane Linforth
Senior Consultant

Combining Systems Leadership principles, Asset Management Principles and LEAN strategies, Dane is able to create a culture of continuous improvement and engagement that deliver outstanding results and outcomes.

To more fully understand how our consulting can have a positive impact on your business; just contact Anton for more information:

+61 418 686 522

Let’s get started!